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Category: Backup

How to upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04, aka the Bionic Beaver, and Canonical’s next long-term support version of its popular Linux distribution was out. That means it’s about time to consider how to upgrade to the latest and greatest Ubuntu Linux.

First, keep in mind that this Ubuntu will not look or feel like the last few versions. That’s because Ubuntu is moving back to GNOME for its default desktop from Unity. The difference isn’t that big, but if you’re already comfortable with what you’re running, you may want to wait a while before switching over.

WordPress all backup plugins staus

Want to keep your WordPress website data safe? Why your host’s backups aren’t enough? If you’re relying on your web host’s backups to protect your site for you, you may be out of luck when disaster strikes. It happens more often than you think. There are plenty of causes for website failure.