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WordPress writing aid tools

Every blogger, brand new or established, has had to learn ways to maximize their writing process so they can continually produce the best content for their audience. Sometimes the best writing tool or the simplest one can help you write faster, better or more efficiently. Also on these days there are so many excellent editing solutions, web-based service, apps, desktop applications, even word processor and so on. : Coffitivity plays background noise like what you might hear in a coffee shop. There’s something about the sound that helps us just slip directly into work mode. Our writing place is pretty rowdy as it is, but even still, jut having it play in the background when I’m trying to work or read is a big mental help. 

Scrivener is one of best tools. Originally designed to help novelists manage their manuscripts, Scrivener is an excellent organizational tool, especially if you blog for multiple clients and outlets. Scrivener works with documents, folders, labels and statuses, all within individual projects. : You can start a new project every year, with folders for each month, and documents for each piece of writing completed that month. One use color-coded labels for where each piece of writing is in the process, from notes to invoiced, paid and live. And you can use status labels for the different topics I cover. We also can include client initials within the title of each document. Scrivener includes great search features so you can always find what we’ve previously written on a topic, and it allows you to import and save your research offline. : As a freelance writer, the one thing you had to learn quickly was there is a style to writing for the web. From breaking up your text into shorter paragraphs with using lists to add more whitespace, content online has to be easy to scan and read. And one writing tool I use to ensure I have easy to read content is Readability Score. All you do is copy and paste your text, URL, or – if you are a premium supporter –PDF or document, and you’ll receive a readability grade. 

Some of the best books that have stood the test of time have a 4th-8th grade reading level. So, when I write content for my blog – or for clients – I avoid using complex words and make my writing more casual and conversational. : Byword is a simple app for Mac devices that provides a plain white or black background. It’s not a web-based app so it cuts out distractions and just provides a lot of focus. You can publish on most publishing platforms right from Byword (WordPress, etc) but I don’t choose to do this – I just copy and paste. : It’s fast becoming one of best tools. You can do Grammarly to root out spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes that I might have missed. You can also use the tool to improve other elements of my writing such as style and sentence structure. Grammarly looks at 250 points of grammar – including the likes of style, spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and context based spelling mistakes. 

There is a Chrome Extension, which adds a green icon below text boxes; this means you can use the proofreading tool within WordPress, Gmail or anywhere else within your browser. Inside the Grammarly app, you can activate plagiarism detection that will check the content to ensure originality.

There’s also a vocabulary enhancement feature you can activate which will provide suggestions to diversify your writing. For example, running an old blog post through the app highlighted an overused word in the first sentence.

If you use the Chrome Extension, you’ll see the Grammarly logo appear in the bottom right-hand corner of any text boxes, and you’ll get suggestions as you write. As the logo appears on the right, it occasionally gets in the way. Ultimately, it’s more of a help than a hindrance but when I’m not using it, I have the option of disabling the Extension. When going through issues flagged up by the app, there will be some recommendations that don’t fit, so occasionally you’ll need to use your judgment.  So if you want to get some insights into how to improve your writing and you want to spot potential mistakes before you publish, Grammarly can help.